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This foreshadows the distance that will grow between Mae and her parents as she becomes more enmeshed in and reliant on the fast-moving world of the Circle. The first night's lavish party demonstrates the careless wealth of the Circle, as when Mae notes while looking for more wine that it looks as though the buffet has been raided by animals. Mae's silly drunkenness and childlike flirting with Francis parallels her intoxication with the campus and employees at the Circle throughout the day. SeeChange presents the reader with the first example of a kind of technology shown throughout the book - supposedly benevolent but with the possibility of overreaching the boundaries of private life.

The look she exchanges with the seal presents a hyper-awareness of who is watching her in contrast to the all-seeing nature of SeeChange, and the fact that the seal arrives and departs with such rapidity contrasts with the persistent nature of information in the Cloud.

What page does Mae talk about how she doesn't even know Kalden that well. Is the Circle a close or open system? In my opinion, the Circle is a closed system. The inner circle can only be accessed by the chosen few. The outer circle consists of those who buy into the technology and are subsequently controlled by the inner circle, and those who act against, The Circle study guide contains a biography of Dave Eggers, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

The Circle essays are academic essays for citation.

These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The Circle by Dave Eggers. Remember me. Forgot your password?

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Buy Study Guide. He declared that a free Iraq would chill terrorist ambition, but denied any clash of civilization. Peace would not be achieved by P. In furtherance of the Map, Israel should "impose a settlement freeze, dismantle unauthorized outposts, end the daily humiliation of the Palestinian people sic and avoid any actions that prejudice final negotiations. Of course there is a clash, of religions.

Bush ought to know that jihad is occurring all over the world, often militarily but mostly building up to it. That is why Arab governments broadcast mosque sermons calling for the deaths of Americans and Jews. By denying this, he weakens our side and exposes that weakness to the other side, which gains in morale at the spectacle of Western failure to identify the enemy. The European democracies, beset with what in individuals is called low self-esteem, are ashamed to defend Western civilization. Bush failed to identify the enemy in the P. Almost all of them support terrorism.

Their leaders do not just maintain ties to terrorist groups; they run the P. They don't just tolerate corruption; they share in it. Terrorism and corruption are the raison d'etre of the P. While calling on other world leaders to "withdraw all favor and support from such P. Arafat, and training P. It was big of our President to admit past US faults in policy, but hypocritical in that he still supports the Saudi dictatorship, condones the Syrian one, and is trying to create a Palestinian Arab one. He will not get deserved credit for the admission, nor deserved rebuke for the hypocritical attempt to set up an Arab dictatorship.

Lip service about making the P. It would be a sovereign terrorist state. What an ignoble US goal! The criticism of Israel was meant to be seen as a balance for criticism of the Arabs. So was the equating by Sec. Annan of terrorism with Israel's "excessive use of force. The denunciation of Israel for "excessive use of force" is part of the anti-Zionist bias that objects to any Jewish self-defense as offensive to Jew-haters. It also is due to a false notion of balance. Criticism of one side, they think, must be "balanced" by criticism of the other side, deserved or not.

I think that further hypocrisy lay in Bush's cautioning Israel not to prejudice negotiations. He implied that Israel should not build further in Yesha, but the Arabs may. If he is willing for the Arabs to prejudice negotiations by establishing facts on the ground, then he is prejudiced in behalf of the Arabs. That is proved by his Map requiring only Israel not to build.

The accusation that Israel daily humiliates the Palestinian Arabs, is slander. It is taken from propaganda devised by the Arabs and passed on to their leftist and appeasement-minded supporters. They have the temerity to call inspection of Arabs coming in to Israel "humiliation. If Israeli inspection is humiliation, isn't US inspection? If US inspection is not humiliation, why is Israel's?

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More hypocrisy. If only Sen. Kerry seized upon that as a campaign issue. But he can't. He is no better. While strictly speaking, it is too early to have an opinion on this event.


I assume, however, on the basis of past incidents that this is more official harassment of "settlers" by Israel's unJustice system. The suspect was standing on the side of the road near Itamar waiting for a ride when he noticed the van heading directly at him at a high speed.

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He told police that he attempted to signal the driver in an effort to ascertain his intentions but the driver continued heading towards him, prompting him to pull his licensed weapon and fire. The driver was killed.

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Aryeh Zelasko lives in Beitar Illit, south of Jerusalem. Winston, September 27, MA'ARIV September 27, " Report: Senior ISA official, who brought up the idea, says arms should be collected to prevent possibility that the weapons would constitute a threat to evacuating forces. This idea will be considered with other proposals,' he said.

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They started by going to the settlements and demanding to inspect the armory of the settlements - seeming to check their operational ability. Even officers of the region had to turn over their personal side arms which were usually never returned. Leftists have always hated those they pejoratively call 'settlers' forgetting that they began themselves as settlers in kibbutzim to 'settle' the nascent State to be born in the Land of Israel.

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They recognized that, by comparison, they were a low political movement who seemed to never want the territories valued by post Zionists who found Israel's ancient history in her heartland. Add to the tendency to confiscate, the fact that ammunition was kept in short supply, insuring that settlements would not have enough sustaining power to hold off human wave attacks promised by the Arab Muslim Terrorists.

This was part of the earlier plan of the Oslo Accords now picked up by PM Sharon as he tries to weaken the Pioneering Settlers prior to their being uprooted, evicted and evacuated. The Israeli, a resident of Itamar's Gidonim outpost in the West Bank, said he opened fire after a Palestinian minivan tried to run him off the road. According to eyewitness reports, the Palestinian minivan had turned down a dirt path between the settlements of Itamar and Eilon Moreh, reportedly to avoid a checkpoint, which led the van to a settlement bypass road.

The settler, whose car was stopped on the side of the road, exited his car, cocking an M16 rifle as he walked across the road, eyewitnesses reported.